Bringing doctors and patients closer together

  • Fields:
    Product Design, UX Design
  • Client:
    Cricket Health, California
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CricketHealth approached Cruxlab to partner in the development of a first-of-its-kind iOS mobile on-demand healthcare service for families with kids. So of paramount importance was the need to provide a simple-to-use, attractive user interface along with a secures interaction feature set. The interface had to be equally intuitive for both parents and children along with doctors alike, presenting a particular challenge in this project.

CricketHealth needed a reliable development partner who would be capable of building a robust and secure mobile application with the right functionality and user experience for the target demographic.


The Development

We were tasked with developing the heart of the application, which had the potential to contain and protect highly sensitive personal health information.

After extensive research and analysis, TigerText was selected as the most suitable platform for this feature. Our engineers carried out stringent testing and evaluation of the TigerText service and concluded that it offered an excellent level of security, including compliance with HIPAA, SOX and other standards.

The Challenge

One of our main priorities in this project was the secure handling of sensitive private data, a perennial challenge when it comes to digital solutions for the healthcare industry.

The system had to be simple to use with features and controls that are reasonably familiar in the context of other chat and mobile applications currently used by this demographic.

The interface had to be equally intuitive for both parents and children.

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The Result

Within three months, we were able to provide a fully-functional beta version of the app, with all of the feature requirements that were given by the client at the start of the project, as well as those that were added on as the concept became reality. We successfully integrated a highly secure messaging service, engineered a simple and robust single-login mechanism and developed a highly usable and responsive user interface.