A revolutionary solution for the way sound is perceived

  • Tasks Performed:
    Technology Integration, Product Architecture
  • Client:
    Hooke – New York
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Hooke pickup pattern

The Product Vision

Hooke sought to create a thoroughly modern immersive sound experience for people on the move. It envisioned the creation of immersive binaural soundscapes via Bluetooth, and using standard mobile technology coupled with Hooke’s unique headset.  Its wide applications would range from entertainment, vlogging and social sharing, to video conferencing and support for visually impaired users.

An evolutionary process. A revolutionary product.

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    When we started working with Hooke, we had a rough prototype, hardly worthy of being called a headset or even a true alpha version. However, it was enough to get started.

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    The app had to keep pace with the numerous iterations of the headset, reflecting the changes and improvements to the hardware.

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    The parallel evolution of the headset and app gradually converged, resulting in the revolutionary Hooke product — one that is ready to change the way the world experiences sound. 

Asking more of today’s mobile technology

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Meeting Apple performance standards

Hooke’s platform involves an electronic accessory that connects to an iPhone via the Bluetooth Classic protocol.

Since every device that uses Bluetooth Classic for connection is required to be certified by Apple, the involvement of Apple’s hardware team was mandatory for this project. Cruxlab's coordination and cooperation with them, ensured that Hooke is fully compatible with Apple’s performance requirements.


Seamless collaboration

The cooperation between Cruxlab and Hooke is really what makes this product so powerful. The blend of experience and insight has been incredible. The quality and consistency of the communication across the teams throughout the development cycle, despite the different time zones, was the key to the success of this project.


A new solution for the visually-impaired

When Hooke released a beta version of the product, it generated considerable interest from the blind community.

We were asked to add a number of specific features to improve their experience.

Aside from creating a product which was revolutionary from a technical and functional standpoint, we also had the great satisfaction of providing a tool which can enhance the lives of visually-impaired users through a more immersive, easy-to-use sonic experience.

The Result

Hooke has successfully completed its beta testing and has secured funding. Upon completion of the first production run of the specialized headsets required for the product, Hooke will launch the complete system in multiple marketplaces.