No matter which game you choose, your reward will find you!

  • Fields:
    Multi-Platform SDK Development
  • Client:
    P4RC, California

The Challenge

To realize the idea of rewarding customers every time they play their favorite games from different brands, we created P4RC a platform which can be integrated into Android and iOS mobile games. P4RC connects digital property from various brands in one place to reward customers. They accumulate points from different games and get real prizes and rewards.

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  • image Earn points to buy gifts

Code quality

The P4RC idea requires high-quality code because the platform has to interact with different games correctly; a bug in the SDK could affect millions of gamers.



This library was designed to enable any game developer to add functionality of accumulating points online. The SDK was developed for games based on iOS UIKit, Android, Cocos2D, Unity.



P4RC had raised a large number of investments in several rounds in the first half-year of the development. Also, the project has received a huge amount of positive feedback since it solved the big problem of all gamers around the world ÔÇô how to be in the different games online, but get the real prizes in one account.

The Result

The SDK was installed in more than 400 applications for lots of different developers on both iOS and Android. It has received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from gamers around the world. They can now play different games online, but get the real prizes in one account.

P4RC has raised a large number of investments via several rounds of funding in the half-year of development. It was recently transformed into a stand-alone gaming SDK for online mobile casinos.