Top-selling app for photo framing and manipulation

  • Fields:
    UI/UX Architecture, Product Development
  • Client:
    Pic Stitch, California
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Pic Stitch is an app for the quick and easy creation of fun, beautifully-framed pictures or collages on your mobile phone.

Grid layouts can be achieved by selecting from an extensive library or by creating new ones. Created collages can then be easily shared online via Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Prints can also be ordered via the app and be picked up at a local branch of Walgreens.

The Challenge

Pic Stitch came to Cruxlab with an already successful app in the iOS universe, but wanted to expand its realm of opportunity. The challenge was to provide the same level of functionality on the Android platform.

Technically, the Android app has to support more than 200 layouts, as well as provide the ability to build custom layouts. Integration with social media channels was also a fundamental requirement, along with making it suitable for different devices, Android versions and screen sizes.

The app also needed to support the image.


The Target Market

PicStitch is designed for iOS or Android users who have a desire to manipulate their photos with frames and other effects.

The app is available in both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

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The Result

The app was completed successfully meeting all of the client’s requirements. As of writing, it has been downloaded more than 2 million times for Android. The client and users are delighted with the speed and ease of operation, which is no small feat when rendering multiple images on screen simultaneously.

Cruxlab and Pic Stitch have enjoyed an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship ever since.