Making cars smarter and roads safer

  • Tasks:
    Technology Integration, Product Design and development
  • Client:
    Nauto, California

The Challenge

Nauto sought to provide a cutting edge driver safety platform which combines in-vehicle camera with advanced AI to provide real-time warnings about road and vehicle conditions. This would allow any driver access to technology and capabilities that were previously available only in high-end vehicles. The company provides modules for large fleets, insurance companies and other operational or industrial needs.

Move picture
image image
Custom auto-exposure algorithm

Smart data collection

AI algorithms alert drivers and fleet managers about road conditions in real-time.

This boosts driver performance and safety, while dramatically decreasing liability and risk.


Custom auto exposure algorithm

This allows the camera on the phone to adjust for sun position and other lighting conditions


Dual camera recording

Support for dual cameras ensures accurate photo and video functionality.

The two cameras are necessary for the AI to properly formulate statuses, potential outcomes, and actions.

image Front camera Driver camera
image CyanogenMod

Nauto wanted an Android app based on the CyanogenMod which needed to be created from the ground up. This runs only our app, with no third-party involvement of background apps. The architecture for the entire app needed to be flexible and easily extendable.

image Integration with other modules

This was necessary to detect speeding, sudden or abrupt turns, potential accidents, and other road events. Integration with the mapping platforms was also a key part of this.

The Result

The solution provided by Cruxlab was instrumental in successfully passing the alpha deployment and securing the first round of venture funding.