Implementing Picture-in-Picture with Wowza and WebRTC

Almost every application with video-streaming allows viewers to communicate with the broadcaster using a chat. But a chat isn’t the best solution for some cases — for example, if the broadcaster does not just answer questions, but has a real, bilateral talk with the viewer. So, in our project we decided to add video calls to our app.

Generating a QR-code with live stream configuration for Yi 4K camera

Suppose you’re building a streaming service which allows users to perform all set-ups in a single web application. One possible streaming option is YI 4k camera with the feature that lets you enter an RTMP link and Wi-Fi network settings

Xamarin names Cruxlab their Authorized Consulting Partner

We are happy to announce that Cruxlab, Inc. is now a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner.

Processing forms on AMP pages with Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Learn how to implement and process forms on your AMP pages using Python and Amazon services for serverless applications.

Xamarin vs Ionic vs React Native: differences under the hood

Traditionally, Android applications are developed in Java, and iOS ones are written in Swift and Objective-C. Nevertheless, there exist plenty of other alternate tools that can be used instead. Xamarin, React Native and Ionic are popular examples of such tools. What is their purpose? What makes them different? Which of them is the best? We’ll try to answer these questions in the article below.