Animating a stream of values in Android

Let’s imagine the situation: you have a stream of numeric values and you want to illustrate it in a View. Standard Android animators are intended for transition from the initial to target state with fixed duration and cannot work with a stream of values. In this article we will explain how to create custom animators for live data changes and interpolate them.

Single-Sign-On with SAML

Nowadays single sign-on authentication scheme is extremely popular. A lot of web services provide a convenient way of authentication - “Single-Sign-On” or SSO. It allows users to use just a few accounts of SSO providers to authenticate in the many apps.

Working with input fields on iOS

In an input-heavy interface it may be pretty hard to gather information from a form before sending a network request. And it’s even harder to handle all the errors that may come in the response.

Dependency Injection in Angular

As you may already know, Angular has its own Dependency Injection (DI) framework. At one of the projects we needed to deal with some of the subtleties of its work. I want to share this experience. In this article, I want to show some tricks of using dependency injection in Angular. They help to reuse the code. Also, we’ll get a deeper understanding of how DI works in Angular.

Implementing Picture-in-Picture with Wowza and WebRTC

Almost every application with video-streaming allows viewers to communicate with the broadcaster using a chat. But a chat isn’t the best solution for some cases — for example, if the broadcaster does not just answer questions, but has a real, bilateral talk with the viewer. So, in our project we decided to add video calls to our app.