Once we have defined the business task that the product is designed to solve, it is necessary to understand in what way and by means of what interactions the product will solve the business task. Each global and common business task consists of many small tasks that need to be solved in a specific order to meet the end user’s needs. We build the experience of user’s interaction in a way they could accomplish their task in the fewest number of steps and in the shortest time. This is one of the important factors that determine the real value of the product to a user. This is the product the end user wants to utilize again and again.

The degree of product attractiveness for a user makes a first impression on them. By using colors, shapes, and animations, you can encourage a user to do certain activities. Would you like to draw a button that user wanted to push it at once? Or create such an animation showing a user how they have got there and what to expect next? We create design of products so that a user has only positive impressions. And we make these impressions from the very first.